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Gen Con 2017, Release Dates, SIEGE, and IGDA. All the things. by ArtemicGames - 09-15-2017
Gateway: Uprising Gateway: Uprising was once again at GenCon this year, but sadly we weren't able to joing CMON in promoting the game and running playtests this year. However, they did snag some great pics for us:   [gallery

GenCon Pics by ArtemicGames - 08-15-2016
News! So all the big vague news about Gateway is finally out and talk-able.  Wootz.  While that whole past Kickstarter attempt was a big ol' failure, it did in the end give us a lead on a few more traditional publishing options, which eventually

Surprise Visit To right now. by ArtemicGames - 05-03-2016
Hello Atlanta! So this kind of came out of nowhere. If you're in the Atlanta area, stop by the Cool Mini or Not Expo down at the Hyatt  - Sean Andrew Murray and I will be there hanging out all weekend at a table at a yet undisclosed location. 

Gah, All the Updates by ArtemicGames - 01-20-2016
Alright, so I've slacked big time on the update front, but I guess that means there's a lot of different stuff to post up now?  So..yay?  November and December have pretty much been a blur.  I've literally sat down three or four times to write

SIEGE Time Again! by ArtemicGames - 10-05-2015
SIEGE It's that time again for the super fun, always awesome SIEGE conference down in Atlanta. For the first time ever, SIEGE will be having a Rant session in the style of the one at GDC, hosted by Puzzles By Joe's Joe Cassavaugh.  Based on what

Demo 1.3 Available, New D&D Campaign, and Some Exciting News Around the Corner by ArtemicGames - 09-03-2015
Demo 1.3 is live! So, fiiiiinally, v1.3 of the demo is up and available here. This was originally supposed to be pushed last month, but we decided to hold off and wait for a few little last things to go in.  No reason right now at this stage to

New Stuff - Demos and Downloadables by ArtemicGames - 06-16-2015
Demo 1.2 Version 1.2 of the RPG Demo is now available for download.  An extremely helpful Facebook fan found some glaring bugs with triggers in the opening level that have been patched up (seriously, some were super embarrassing and I'm not

UMBC DEC 2015 by ArtemicGames - 05-04-2015
DEC 2015 UMBC's annual DEC conference was lovely as usual, with speakers from Pure Bang, Big Huge Games, Firaxis, Stardock, and Artemic.  Grumpy Cat made another appearance that morning, and the slide show can be downloaded below.  I know I

Gateway Gameplay Update #1 : Districts! by ArtemicGames - 04-26-2015
The City of Gateway is segmented into various themed districts, each with its own culture, population, and history.  In the game, we started by identifying some of the more colorful districts and then wondering, “what unique advantage could this

Gateway:Uprising is live on Kickstarter! by ArtemicGames - 04-25-2015
Hey everyone! The Gateway: Uprising Kickstarter is now up and live!  We'd really appreciate it if you'd check out the campaign website and tell your friends about it too.  The more people we reach the better the game'll be. Campaign Video I still