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A Tale of Subprime Lending

mortgageMortgage is a quick bidding-based card game centered around unscrupulous subprime lenders entrapping the unsuspecting and uninformed borrower into bad loans with poor interest rates and high risks. The player, as one of these lenders, must hedge his bets and manage his limited funds against the every changing financial market and strive to double his wealth before his opponents do.

Every round players bid cards and pay points to try and win the current hand, collecting money every turn for every loan they own. Market cards played at the end of every turn can turn the current game on its head – from destroying specific loan values, handing out free subsidies, or just crashing the entire field.

  • Playtime: 30 Minutes
  • Players: 2 -4
  • Ages 12+

Mortgage includes:
20 Market Cards
34 Interest Rate Cards
72 Potential Borrower Cards
18 Loan Tokens
100 Cash Receipts

Thematically, Mortgage isn’t well suited for younger kids. Mechanics-wise it isn’t hard to grasp, but it was originally designed back in 2008 to call attention to problems in the housing market and does have a more serious underlying theme than some of my other games.

Download a copy of the rules here.


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