Published Games

Published Games

All games are printed on demand from The Game Crafter and usually take about 7 -10 days to arrive (or 12 – 15 days if you’re international).  They come well packaged, shrink-wrapped,  and all game pieces in the box are individually

Farmnation by ArtemicGames - 04-10-2013
       Buy for .99  The Second edition is now out, featuring a refined and expanded tile base, cheaper price point, and less ornery initial setup (good bye stickers).  New pics will follow soon. 🙂   Now you
Farmnation Mini by ArtemicGames - 05-29-2013
  Buy for .99    Now you can own the game featured in Brenda Romero and Ian Schreiber's book "Challenges for Game Designers", in a smaller miniaturized version! Formally known as "Agribusiness", Farmnation places
Fuzzy Go by ArtemicGames - 04-11-2013
Buy for .99     It’s dog versus dog in this light family game of staking out territory and herding sheep. Younger players find the simple rule set easy to grasp, while older ones can discover more depth and
Gateway: Uprising by ArtemicGames - 10-01-2014
For more info on Sean Andrew Murray's Gateway world and to sign up for the newsletter, go here -->  Fishwizard Games           Players of the deck-building card Gateway: Uprising take on the roles of
Melusine by ArtemicGames - 05-31-2013
    Buy for .99    Take sides and protect your interests as war threatens to destroy your island. The northern land of Ildamar has long coveted the resource-wealthy lands of Rona, a fellow continent across the
Mortgage by ArtemicGames - 04-10-2013
  Buy for .99    A Tale of Subprime Lending Mortgage is a quick bidding-based card game centered around unscrupulous subprime lenders entrapping the unsuspecting and uninformed borrower into bad loans with poor
Warning: Danger Not To Scale by ArtemicGames - 06-14-2015
    Buy booklet for .99  Award-Winning Adventure Module for D&D 5e, for 3 - 5 1st-level characters Duchess Alexa von Hildebrande has gone missing, and her husband, the Duke of Ashford's Watch, wants someone to quietly