Gah, All the Updates

Alright, so I’ve slacked big time on the update front, but I guess that means there’s a lot of different stuff to post up now?  So..yay?  November and December have pretty much been a blur.  I’ve literally sat down three or four times to write this update and have been … Continue reading

Slides and More

SIEGE was delightful as ever, and it was totally great to see everyone again.  And the SIEGE staff did a fantastic job, as always – you guys rock.   So, I’m back now after an eventful plane trip and updating all the stuffs that I promised I’d update. (Seriously, if you’re … Continue reading

Farmnation Unwrapping, Introducing Farmnation Mini, and Mortgage Updates

Since the new Farmnation prototype came in, figure I’ll do a more detailed upwrapping that shows all the packaging that’s typical of Gamecrafter published products, as well as a general rundown of the pieces. All in all, OMG it’s so nice – definitely the kind of pieces I was going … Continue reading

Knit2Go Cards are live!

As of 8:45 this morning, Knit2Go Cards are now available for purchase directly from TheGameCrafter.  Soon I’ll have some in stock to sell from Etsy and take around to local vendors as well – that order’s still coming in. All in all the entire process has been rather pleasant, although … Continue reading