About Artemic

Hi!  I’m Michelle Menard, and welcome to Artemic Games.  I’m an award-winning independent game designer, and when I’m not creating family board games, I make useful toys for knitting fanatics. (I also like to throw huge beer-tasting parties, but that’s another story.)

I’ve got cool stuff for sale and I hope you’ll take a look at it.


  • Knit2Go is a set of playing-cards for the knitting fan – novice or expert. Each beautifully-illustrated card front details a common knitting technique (such as M1, K2tbl, kitchener stitch) or knitting reference (meanings behind ball symbols, yarn estimates, or needle checklists). This makes a great present, for yourself or the knitter in your life!

Under GAMES FOR SALE you’ll find links to (surprise!) games for sale.

  • Warning: Danger Not to Scale is an award-winning D&D 5e-compatible adventure module, where in their quest to rescue the Duchess Alexa von Hildebrande, your party is shrunk down to a mere 3 inches tall.  Battle teleporting mice and shamanistic frogs, discover new uses for a common button and toothpick, and uncover the truth of what happened to a pair of royal twins, all in a miniature setting.
  • Farmnation is a family boardgame for 3-6 players. Take the role of a new homesteader and try to grow and sell crops. Meanwhile, play evil bunnies and bugs on your opponents, while they do the same to you! Simple enough for kids, but with real depth of play for grownups.
  • Fuzzy Go is a game of dog-eat-dog as you and your fellow players take the part of sheepdogs trying to corral the biggest herd of sheep. “Fuzzy Go’s” easy rules and quick play it perfect for adults and kids to enjoy together!
  • Melusine is fantasy strategy game in which you must navigate a war-torn magical world while gathering power, making alliances and betraying your fellow players. This is a big, bold game, but a session can be completed in 2 hours.
  • Mortgage is a quick, bidding-based card game. As an unscrupulous lender, you strive to get rich quick before your opponents do. A game of luck, skill and criminal enterprise for 2-4 players.


About Me

Although originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, I’m now located up in Maryland terrorizing the locals with spicy food and crazy accents. I’m a systems designer by trade and have previously worked at Zynga and Firaxis (*cough* resume */cough*) ,  consulted with companies AAA and casual, and I’ve been making games for as long as I can remember.  One of the first was a truly terrible horse-herding game, but sadly that’s been lost to history – my sister ate it or something. (Probably just as well.)

A few years ago I published my first book (Game Development with Unity), and occasionally write courses and teach online. I routinely speak at game conferences down in the Atlanta area, such as SIEGE and Dragon*Con, at colleges up here (like UMBC), and teach for Code in the Schools, a Baltimore non-profit aimed at getting kids interested in coding and game development – so stop on by and say hi! Incidentally, I also contract and consult, and enjoy the occasional collaboration project when I’ve got some free time.  Drop me a line.


All up in the Executive Building.

Early in 2014 I was invited to attend a workshop and speak at the White House (yes, THE friggin’ White House) about crowd-sourcing data and game design. Needless to say, that’s kinda been a highlight.  Of course, a couple of us there needed to get photographic proof – pics or it didn’t happen.

Anyhoo, if you’re a retailer looking to purchase bulk copies of anything, give me a holler – there are wholesale prices available and all my games come ready to sell with UPC information and are individually shrink-wrapped. You can use the contact form or the email address below.



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About this Web Site

The original Artemic started back sometime, oh, say around 2002, mostly as a portfolio and webcomic site.  Since then it’s morphed into a site primarily focused on games of the non-digital variety, where I also hawk my own games and stuff.  This site uses the WordPress web page design system, for which I have paid nothing, so I guess I can’t complain. Thanks, WordPress!