Super Not So Secret RPG

Super Not So Secret RPG

(yes, that’s a working title. I hate naming things.)

Basic info

  • For PC, Mac, and OUYA*

Inspired by old school JRPGs of the 90’s, featuring:

  • lots of party members to collect
  • 20 30+ jobs with unique outfits
  • hundreds of skills and items…  1015 and counting.
  • weapons that make no practical sense
  • a truly mediocre soundtrack
  • color-coded dragons for your convenience
  • bestiary complete with obligatory texture swaps
  • obnoxiously hidden treasure chests
  • achievements for achieving and not achieving
  • a self-referential and irreverent plotline that pokes fun at many rpg stereotypes across the ages.

*Currently the plan, so long as I can keep the size and memory footprint down small enough for the OUYA.  A Linux port is likely.


Play the Demo v1.32


The first 1 – 2 hrs of play (depending on how much your futz) are available as a downloadable demo, for Windows only at this time. This covers:

  • A sizable portion of the combat system. Advanced jobs/tactics/crafting not available in the demo.
  • The first three major areas and accompanying subzones.
  • Introduction of the main quest and first three characters.
  • A couple of side quests that can be completed in the area (note: Return to Sender and the Destination Travels one require completion steps outside of the locked demo areas).
  • Some annoying treasure chests to find.
  • Two OPed mini-bosses to fight.

It would also be loverly if you wanted to report any bugs or leave any feedback:


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Latest Updates

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Demo 1.3 is live! So, fiiiiinally, v1.3 of the demo is up and available here. This was originally supposed to be pushed last month, but we decided to hold off and wait for a few little last things to go in.  No reason right now at this stage to

New Stuff - Demos and Downloadables by ArtemicGames - 06-16-2015
Demo 1.2 Version 1.2 of the RPG Demo is now available for download.  An extremely helpful Facebook fan found some glaring bugs with triggers in the opening level that have been patched up (seriously, some were super embarrassing and I'm not

Demo Updated - v1.1 Available by ArtemicGames - 01-18-2015
SNSSRPG Demo v1.1 The new version of the demo is finally updated and uploaded, with these following changes: Escape Key/ Game Options Menu is now functional. Players can now select the main character’s name on New Game, either from

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It's December!  It's Almost Over! With November came the slightly early arrival of Baby Thunderdome, who will be turning one

Mid-October Updates by ArtemicGames - 10-17-2014
  While there's not a ton of visual progress this month so far, I've been working away at the mindnumbing task of entering all the data for all the character jobs and all of the skills.  I can happily say that indeed, all the jobs are

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