Gah, All the Updates


Alright, so I’ve slacked big time on the update front, but I guess that means there’s a lot of different stuff to post up now?  So..yay?  November and December have pretty much been a blur.  I’ve literally sat down three or four times to write this update and have been distracted by other things that had to happen NOW NOW NOW.  But now that I’m procrastinating updating my spring semester design course worrying about a blizzard that may or may not happen this weekend, this seems like the perfect time to update.


Warning: Danger Not to Scale

So, first up, WDNtS won first place in the Gamehole con RPG Adventure Design contest back last fall. Yay!  Here are some pics of the web banners and actual statue they sent over.

So that’s super exciting.  In celebration of that, WDNtS is also available now for digital purchase at Dungeon Masters Guild, and at DriveThruRPG, both offering digital downloading pdfs for a reduced price-tag of $3.95.  You can still get the full printed copy here for $13.99, and it’ll come with all the extra digital downloads as well.  Options!

The official print version has also been updated to include some new digital downloads available after purchase – a new black and white digital copy that’s easier on your printer, and a collection of all the maps as individual files blown-up and made grayscale so you can more easily use them directly in the campaign if you wish.   Should’a done that a long time ago.  But hey, they’re there now to grab if you’ve purchased in the past.

After talking with a fellow designer buddy, I think I’m also going to work on expanding the WDNtS universe a bit more with some new monsters, classes, items, and eventually, a continuing module or two that pick up after WDNtS lets off. And a name for said universe, ’cause as much as I love me some crazy acronyms…it doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue.  Not sure what any of the ETA yet on that is, as there are a couple of new things that also need attention at the moment.

SIEGE videos are online

Videos of the panels I spoke on are also now available online (and honestly..have been for a while…I suck), as are all the other awesome ones from the conference.  So even if you missed it, you can pretend like you were there, …except you can watch everything in your pajamas if you want I guess.

The Writing for Games panel featured Warren Specter, Paul Jenkins, Bill Bridges, and myself, and is totally worth a watch if you’re at all interested in narrative for interactive media. Also OMG. These dudes are amazing.

The 2015 Hangover Cure: Indies Rant was super fun to be a part of, but yeah…it’s totally NSFW (as expected) or for those under, let’s say 13. I bring up the end of the lineup at right about the 46:00 min mark, but the whole this is worth a listen to.  Lots of awesome people (including Erin Hoffman, Joe Cassavaugh, Molly Proffitt, and Charlie Hawkins) with lots of awesome points to make.

Updates to SNSSRPG soon

There’ll be an update the SNSSRPG demo coming along in the near future as well – just working out a few more kinks to an update to the battle system that went in recently, as well as destroying all the lightmaps.  Curse you, lightmaps.  In the meantime, here’s an image of a new zone going in. woods

Oooo woods. Yeah, that’s about it for now.  I’ll talk about that part more when the actual demo update goes live.

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