Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Everyone likes free stuff right?  Here’s some.

Download Rule Booklets

Don’t know if you want to purchase a game yet, or just want an extra copy of the rules?  Download ’em here. All rules files are .pdfs.  The individual game pages also have links to rule books and rule variations.


Free Print-&-Play Games

You’ll need to supply your own printer, ink, materials, and labor for all these games.  But hey, that’s almost free, right?

  • The first early prototype version of Farmnation (aka “Agribusiness”).  Visit the page for a download link, rules, and early playtest pics.
  • Crapola Rules and Variations.  A family game passed down through the generations – we usually played this with friends on skitrips or on lazy Sunday afternoons.  I’ve heard it’s similar to Farkel.


Melusine Print-&-Play Pieces

You can use these as either supplements or replacement parts to the provided game pieces.


Pokémon XLSX resources

If you thought I was kidding in all my bios that state I make catch-rate apps in excel for Pokémon…yeah I wasn’t.

  • Blank Checklist – the complete pokedex through Gen VI, with type and storage information.  If you’re as OCD as I am about catching them all, something like this is indispensable.
  • Capture Rate Calculator – wanna know how many Pokéballs the average Groudon takes?  Or how effective a Heavy Ball vs a Nest Ball will be?  Here’s the calculator for you.  Right now it’s missing Gen VI info, I’ll update soon.