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 Knitting Travel Reference + Playable Card Deck all in one!  

“…the perfect thing to pack for your craft retreat weekend, bus trip, or anything that will require you to be using both your crafting mind and leisure time mind.”   ~ Nessa Reifsnyder, Creative Mojo

knitcardsWith Knit2Go Cards you’ll never need to lug around a bulky reference manual again! Each card front details a common knitting technique (such as M1, K2tbl, kitchener stitch) or reference (meanings behind ball symbols, yarn estimates, or needle checklists), with written instructions and color illustrations. Throw the whole deck in your purse, or just tuck a card or two into your project bag.

They’re great for taking along to fiber festivals (know exactly which needles you already own or how much of that yummy yarn to buy), on shopping trips, or any place where a quick technique look-up isn’t feasible (plane rides anyone?)

Knit2Go Cards are also a fully playable standard 54 card deck. Perfect for you next knit-in, guild meeting, trip to the LYS, or as a gift to a new knitter in your life.


  • 54 Playing/Reference Cards (standard 52 cards, 2 jokers)
  • Shrinkwrapped Box

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A Brief History:

I travel a lot, and love to take my knitting along with me. I hate lugging around heavy books and technique encyclopedias, especially on carry-on luggage. As I tend to forget a lot of techniques if I don’t use them frequently, this has led to a lot of frustrating plane flights where I’m stuck trying to figure out how to center a double decrease or hope I slanted my increases the correct direction. Rather than continue to while about it, I decided to do something to fix it.

Not sure yet about Knit2Go Cards? You can view an Index of every card to get a better feel for what’s in the deck for free.


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