Mid-October Updates



While there’s not a ton of visual progress this month so far, I’ve been working away at the mindnumbing task of entering all the data for all the character jobs and all of the skills.  I can happily say that indeed, all the jobs are actually done, in, and functioning, and all but 6 of the 260 character skills are also complete. Woot!  Just need to figure out a couple of last little tricky code bits to get the final ones done.

But since pictures are cool, here’s a preview of the Mercenary job:


Mercenaries, complete with necessary feathered hat.


And some videos of two of the skills in action.  The first allows the player to create their own personal, portable quest board, where ever they are in the world.  Nothing sucks more than realizing your forgot to pick up that stupid last quest at the inn 5 zones back.  Problem solved, thanks to technology.  The second shows off the “Summon” ability.  I promise there are more enemies in the game than that damned rabbit.  I don’t know why I always default to it for testing.

I also finally got the damned main character renamer up and running …after honestly forgetting about it for a few months – you can now enter in whatever you want or pick from a fine selection of premade options.  I’ll be updating the demo with this and some bug fixes in the near future.


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