Video Games United, Kickstarters, and the Absolute Joys of Hip Dysplasia

Holy Bejeebus balls I haven’t posted in a long time.  So, while I was going to post some RPG progress updates, I think instead I have other things to take care of first.

Video Games United

First up, Video Games United is down in DC this weekend…as in, like 2 days from now.  Yeah, fail on the notice.  I’ll be speaking on the Women in Games panel on Saturday from 2 – 3 for any who are in the area.  I’ll probably be at the con all afternoon on Saturday, although probably not in cosplay, possibly in a wheelchair (more on that later).  Although if there is a wheelchair involved, I’m totally putting together some kind of fem Prof. X thing.


And hey…It’s August Now

Soooo…yeah.  Last post was in March.  That’s a super fail.  I ended up doing way more consulting and teaching than I had previously planned on this summer, which distinctly ate into RPG time.  Oh well, monies and a job, what can you do.  I am almost ready however to post up a little playable demo – it’s standing at around an hour’s worth of playtime (more if you do all the side quests and take your sweet ass time running around).  Just needs a couple of NPC polish tweaks (stop walking into walls!!!!) and a 3 more BG tracks written.  I haven’t  composed in a very, very long time, and damn am I rusty.  I’ll try and post some spoiler pics in the next couple of days.


I’ll also be updating Farmnation in the next couple of days with some exciting price reduction features!  Yay for cheaper things!  With some snazzy new die cut chipboard pieces at my disposal, this means more savings for everyone.  Yay!  I *might* keep up the old version and use it as a deluxe version, since the wood pieces are kinda nice, if pricy.  Still debating.


New Board Game Coming!  And it’s a Kickstarter!

Some of that time that I wasn’t working or RPGing was spent on another side project – a new board game!  A few months ago I partnered with the fine people over at Fish Wizard Press and have been helping them develop a new card-drafting territory control game set in the Gateway universe.  Here’s a tiny spoiler pic from part of the box.



It’s being unveiled at GenCon literally right now – I’ll cross post some more pics and info as that becomes available.  The Kickstarter is slated to go live this fall! Wooo!  In a nutshell, it’s got some card-drafting army building, which you then use to destroy other players’ armies and take out board-controlled monsters and guards who are rampaging through the city.  All set in the Gateway World IP.

If you’re interested in more stuff about Gateway in general, do check out the website up there at Fish Wizard Press.  You can also snag a copy of a the art book and limited edition prints here.


 Did you Know that the “Pelvic Bone” isn’t actually a single bone?

Seriously.  How did I graduate college not knowing this?  Fail some more.  So, as it should come to no surprise to those who actually know me, I’m about 24 weeks pregnant right now.  Things have been going fine until about 2 weeks ago when walking, stairs of any kind, and carrying anything larger than a slice of bread became super painful.  Turns out your pelvis is actually like, multiple bones that are held together by ligaments.  Who knew? ( I’m a mathematician, not a biologist.  I’m sure the DH is weeping in a corner now).  And my ligaments I guess decided to be overachievers and started relaxing waaaaaaaay too early. Soo…things that your pelvis is important for, like extended walking or standing around, kinda suck.

Which leads me to this con this weekend.  I will be moving slow.  Very slow.  I will be in your way.  You will curse me on escalators. You will be annoyed.  Deal.  If I manage to snag a wheelchair on loan I can do some wheelies around you instead and we can all rejoice together.

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