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SIEGE was delightful as ever, and it was totally great to see everyone again.  And the SIEGE staff did a fantastic job, as always – you guys rock.   So, I’m back now after an eventful plane trip and updating all the stuffs that I promised I’d update. (Seriously, if you’re 9 months pregnant and think you’re going into labor…maybe you shouldn’t get on the plane.  Just a thought)*.

 Grumpy Cat Slides + Video

As promised, here’s a link to the slide deck for “Grumpy Cat’s Guide to Game Design.”  It’s zipped, and saved as a .ppsx file, so it should just run on whatever.  >> Grab it here. << And for those who were in attendance and didn’t believe me that the slides were actually magic pink and not red …you’re in for an eye sore.

Edit: The great Charlie Hawkins got a recording of it as well, which you can view on youtube.  Woo!

 Mortgage  and Knit2Go Updates

Because I have the world’s worst timing with conferences, the box design for Mortgage also updated while I was out of town – so I need to fix that today.  If you ordered Mortgage, get it in, and the box is all effed up – let me know.  I’ll send you a correct box.

I’ve also slashed the price on Knit2Go cards a bit, since it’s a bit more economical for me to do so now. Yay!  Now they’re only $15.99 (which when you consider how much a knitting technique book is, that’s not too bad…)

Fuzzy Go Available

I finally finished lightening up the art so that it’s not so dark and hard to see, and pushed it out to publishing.  Fuzzy Go is now available for$34.99.  It’s great for young kids who can’t read yet ( no text in the game at all) and helps build counting skills and shape recognition.

 And Something Super Secret Comes…

So I started missing digital game development a little.  Just a little.  Figured I’d jump back onto Unity, and I started messing with some stuff, plugged some random data into Excel, began brushing up my Maya skills (lolololololol “skills”),…. I’ll be adding a new Current Projects page in the near future.  It’s still pretty early in development, but at least has some stuff that might be worth putting up for giggles and feedback.


*She turned out to be totally fine.  Just tired after traveling for too long from Nigeria.

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