RPG Progress – I am not an artist, but hey, stuff works!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the basic data and systems working in Unity…been working on it on and off in between other projects over the past 2 months. So, I’m pretty happy with myself for getting a lot of it up and functioning, just don’t judge the art.  Yeah, capsules, toon shaders, and a sky box I ripped out of Standard Assets.  Whoo hoo!  And yes, my UI is the fugs.  The panel layout and base content are pretty much what I want, but the art and fonts all placeholder. I ended up purchasing a small Unity plugin to help with some of the backend  (http://rpg-kit.com/), cause lol, like I’m going to write a serialization system that works.  It didn’t quite fit everything I needed, but it’s been pretty straightforward to update the code where I needed it, and has really been overall nice to work with.  So far I’ve only had to tweak:

  • Battle System – leveling up didn’t support multiple exp types (like for character level AND class level) and the level up system was kinda broken – didn’t account for what happens if you gain multiple levels from one battle.  It does now.
  • UI – Added in more menu types and controls and some new text codes for some custom data.  Started with needing a dynamically populating help/in-game manual area and it kinda blew up from there.  And updated the serialization to handle the manual.  That alone almost gave me an ulcer.
  • Skills – Custom skills all over the place, mostly having to deal with the inability to choose an effect A or B, or to randomly pick from multiple possibilities.  This one was the biggest pain, and it still feels kinda hacky to me.  Probably gonna end up fixing it again.

And I haven’t broken it yet! So that’s a plus. While it’s eye-bleeding ugly to look at, I did grab some videos of a lot of the major pieces up and working.  Woot, it’s starting to come together. 🙂

First up, here’s the equipment functionality – equipping a weapon and armor and showing the updates in the character pane.  I now realize the text is super small unless you watch it directly in YouTube – whoops.

Next up, the test store functions! Buying and settling stuff.  The actual Buy/Sell ui needs to change…I don’t know what I was thinking when I made it.

Battles!  You can fight stuff and they eventually die! Nothing is animated except the ATB bar, so it’s a little boring to watch, I admit.

Victory!  You can win stuff after you kill other stuff. And both new level up systems work.  Woot.

Saving and Loading.  Yay, it mostly always functions!

I’ve got a few last custom battle skill types to figure out and just a couple last character classes to implemenent.  I figure I’ll do the trash items and enemy implementation as I come to them.  While I have a list of it all ‘planned out’, I’m not sure convinced it’s all correct.  Especially the drop items as they pertain to crafting unlocks.  We shall see….

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