Texturing Sewers is Gross

Just what it says. I’m definitely out of practice doing art stuff in general, but there’s just something wholly unappealing about drawing indeterminate sludgy masses on walls.  I will now never again type the phrase “Sludgy Masses” again in my life.

What has been a godsend tho’ is Maya LT.  Years and years ago as an undergrad I snagged a copy of Maya 7 with the sweet student discount Alias used to offer. Since then I’ve been using it for all my modeling needs, and while it still works great, it is showing its age and doesn’t always play nicely with the newer software packages.  And buying a new full copy of Maya is certainly out of the question.  (And yes, all you open source evangelists, I did try Blender.  It can bite me.)  But then while stumbling around the Internet recently, I discovered Maya LT.  Holy crap buckets, it’s exactly what I needed, and another holy crap bucket, it’s friggin’ super affordable.  Yay!  I’m still on the trial version right now, but am only debating between the subscription or full license purchase.  Probably going with the latter, cause….subscriptions to anything can also bite me.

So progress on the sewer scene has been going relatively quickly, although I still suck at laying out UVs.  What a hellish, hellish task.  I can’t believe people like doing this on a daily basis.  Also started playing around with the event scripting system more and got some doors to open and some cameras to shake. Oooo.  Who doesn’t like a good ol’ nausea-inducing shaky cam from time to time?  That’s right –  haters.  And haters have plenty of other things to nitpick on.

Still trying to nail down an art style I like (again, not a professional artist here….) but I think so far I like where it’s going.  I might wake up tomorrow and hate it all.  It’s happened already with the character portraits.  Twice.  Right now all interactable things, a few foreground objects and all peoples are gettin’ toon shaded with some giant honking outlines on them, and everything else is a more standard bump/spec shader thing.  Kinda reminds me of old school cartoons where the characters were cell shaded and the backgrounds painted.  <3s for nostalgia.

I also got some new context-specific HUDs up and working (that’s the green exclamation point thingy in the video over the pill-person’s head).  Have some different ones for shopping, talking, and searching that so far seem to all fire correctly.  I’m always suspicious when things work too easily.

Here’s some progress pics and a short video.

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