New Year, New Progress

Oof, it’s been a while.  Things have been crazy over here, from game consulting picking up to more musical things like substitute organ-playing/choir directing.  All of which have been some massive time sinks.  Nothing however was as great as the timesink of finding out a framework I was using came out with a v2 version.  It’s super slick, provides a lot of extra functionality (some of which I’ll actually use) and some other nice features like automatic backups and rollbacks.  The one catch tho’ was that there was no rollover of data from v1 to v2 – the systems were too wildly different.

After evaluating, I did decide to upgrade and lose a good amount of the data and work I’d put int so far on the RPG, but I think in the long haul it’ll be worth it.  I’m mostly back to where I was in early Nov, and moved forward a bit further on the art side.  Still not amazing, but at least there’s some other stuff in there besides flat shaders.  Speaking of shaders, I did end up going with a nonUnityPro shader for most of the stuff and picked up this guy on the asset store . So far I’ve been pretty happy with it.  Toon shading plus bump and spec support?  Yay!  My capsule people totally do it justice.

So, basic UI and menu functionality is all back in, controller support, the first level’s all greyboxed (sewers, yay!), basic scale and budgets all figured out, and I spent all afternoon yesterday working on a stupid camera script that wouldn’t collide and intersect the camera with walls and objects anymore.   After fighting this crazy jittery shaky-cam nonsense for like…2 hrs…turns out it wasn’t my raycasting that was the problem but rather how I tagged the player object.  Wheeee, <3 you Unity.  Ugh, but at least that’s finished and unshaky. And uncolliding.

Now that things are starting to settle down post-holiday stress-fest, I’d like to go back to making more regular progress updates.

Oh yeah, and I modeled a book.  Bask in its ugliness.  Hey artist friends – be sickened by its crappy textures, offended by its lackluster geometry.  You know you could do better.  You know you want to do better.  …Just sayin’….



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