Playtesters Needed!


So we’ve been plugging away at the new Gateway: Inquisition board game for a good number of months and we’re at a stage now where we’d like to open it up to some playtesters for some additional feedback.  We’ve mostly been playing it around here with people we know but we’d like to also get some fresh eyes on it.  The more the merrier, and the better it’ll be in the end.

The game is currently playable for 2 – 3 players, suggested ages 13+, so you’ll need to find some buddies to drag along into this.  A typical game session lasts around 30 – 40 minutes, although the first session can take a wee bit longer due to learning all the rules for the first time. We have thought about looking at additional pieces/rules for 4 -5 players as well, but we’re just focusing on the 2 – 3 range for the moment.

GI is a squashed up amalgamation of a little Dominion-ish card-drafting, some Risk-esque territory control, a peppering of Arkham-Horror-monster-like spawning, all set in the world of Sean Andrew Murray’s Gateway.  It’s not high fantasy, it’s not steampunk, it’s well, this for a lack of a better description.   I’ll be posting a much more in-depth overview/description of the basic mechanics of the game soon and will link back here when I do.  Staring all day at freight forwarding companies, VAT basics, and warehousing/fulfillment options has decidedly fried my brain for doing anything more today.

If you’d like to help out some key areas we’re looking to get feedback on are:

  • General Game Pacing – too fast, too slow?  Are enemies spawning too quickly or not quickly enough?  Deck drafting sluggish?  Too many options?
  • Individual Card Balance – something seem totally out of whack and OP?  Is there a card you never EVER use?
  • Rules Book– found a typo or grammatical error? Something not especially clear?  Wish there was an extra diagram or a written example?
  • Card Presentation – does the info on the cards make sense? Is it easy to read and scan?

If this sounds like it’s up your alley out you can fill out the handy form here to get added to the list – we’ve got a couple of initial slots open to begin with and we’ll be accepting more groups as time goes on.   For playtesting, we opted to go with print-n-play files that you can download directly and print on whatever you want whenever you want.  Not only will this keep costs down, but more importantly, it’ll let us update the cards and pieces waaaaay more frequently and push out new versions to you immediately, so you’ll always be playing the latest and greatest.  If we went with a traditionally printed prototype, you’d just be getting one stagnant copy, and that’s it.  I suppose you could like…whiteout and write on the cards for any updates we wanted to make but that seems like a mess.  And smelly.  So print and play it is.


If you’re more interested in writing/filming a more formal review we can use up on our collective websites and to help promote the Kickstarter, we can ship you a copy of the printed prototype instead – lead time for that is about 12 days from request to door.  We love both written and video reviews equally, no preferences here at all.  Some of the art is more final than others, as it draws heavily from the Gateway artbook for the time being until more unique art can be created.  But hey, everything is actually illustrated so that’s a plus.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to a full review, a couple of short sentences would also be muchly appreciated.   You can either drop me a line directly if you’re interested in reviewing, or also use the handy form here.


We totally appreciate the time and effort it takes to playtest and review, and everyone who helps out and provides feedback will receive a special gift from us and recognition in the rules.  If we had finalized what that gift was I could tell you, but we’re still working out the details.  I’ll update when we get that all finalized.

Thanks in advance!

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