Gen Con 2017, Release Dates, SIEGE, and IGDA. All the things.

Gateway: Uprising

Gateway: Uprising was once again at GenCon this year, but sadly we weren’t able to joing CMON in promoting the game and running playtests this year. However, they did snag some great pics for us:


If you were not one of the lucky few who managed to snag an advance copy of the game at either SDCC or GenCon this year, good news – we have an official release date now and it’s soon. Very soon – September 29th!  Sooooon.

CMON has a handy weblink here to search for local stores that’ll carry the game near you, or you can always preorder it on Amazon or get it direct through CMON’s own storefront.  (But come on, you know you want to support your local game store. Go do that.)  Sean, John, and I also plan on hitting up some conventions next year with some signed copies and other themed accessories too. (The exact ones are still TBD, because we rock this planning in advance thing.)

Here’s a pretty image of the final pieces all laid out:



We’ll be posting up a FAQ soon as well with some rules clarifications based on some questions a few gamers asked at GenCon.


I’ll be back at SIEGE this year yapping about the normal things – schedule should be posted up at their site soon now that it’s only a few weeks away. Yay!  More updates once that’s live. I’m also dragging some lovely folks down from Oxide Games with me this year, so that will be super fun.

Also hoping to have at least one copy of Gateway with me there for anyone who wants to check it out in person before dedicating $34.99 to the cause of keeping Fishwizard in business with supplying you with all your fishy wizardy needs.

Baltimore Innovation Week / IGDA

And if you’re in the Baltimore area on October 2nd, and haven’t experienced the Grumpy Cat yells at you about crappy design presentation, this October is your lucky month as the cat’s guide to design, life, and magic pink will be hosted jointly by the IGDA and Innovation Baltimore. If the promise of old internet memes and ranting isn’t enough to get you there, it’s also being hosted at De Kleine Duivel, a local Belgium beer pub. No, I didn’t request this. Yes, it makes me absurdly happy.

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