Demo Updated – v1.1 Available


SNSSRPG Demo v1.1

The new version of the demo is finally updated and uploaded, with these following changes:

  • Escape Key/ Game Options Menu is now functional.
  • Players can now select the main character’s name on New Game, either from a
    random assortment or by typing in their own choice. (Entering in a custom name still doesn’t work from controller input.)
  • Players can now change the screen resolution and graphics quality of the game,
    either from the Main Menu or from the Game Options Menu.
  • Journal no longer displays finished quests to streamline UX/UI. Completed quests
    will be displayed elsewhere.
  • Small updates to how quest activation/finished console text is displayed, hopefully
    no more messages showing up on top of each other.
  • Minor environment updates to Kingsbridge and house interiors.
  • Bugs in changing character jobs fixed. AP saved and recalled correctly per character, no longer resets
    to current level’s minimum. Old job skills removed when changing jobs.
  • Camera doesn’t clip as badly when traveling over steep terrain.
  • Main Menu got some cosmetic upgrades.

Head over here to download the latest version.  Beyond fixing that stuff up there, the game’s been getting some new job art and more work down on the circus zone.  Minigame coding, shall we say, is not my strongest suit. 🙂

And because pictures are fun, here are some.


We just updated the Gateway prototype with the latest rule changes at the beginning of the year and started a new wave of playtesting. If you’d like to get in on that gig, there’s still a little bit of time left on that.  But not tons. For reasons.

The Kickstarter planning for Gateway is nearing the end and Sean’s planning some really nifty artwork to unveil during the campaign.  If you’d like to receive notifications, be sure to sign up for the newsletter – we’ll be posting most of the updates there once the campaign gets rolling.

Also, I finally updated the main Gateway page itself with some prototype art, card layouts, and the basic game world intro and systems.  YAY!  That only took way too long.

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