Demo 1.3 Available, New D&D Campaign, and Some Exciting News Around the Corner

Demo 1.3 is live!

So, fiiiiinally, v1.3 of the demo is up and available here. This was originally supposed to be pushed last month, but we decided to hold off and wait for a few little last things to go in.  No reason right now at this stage to rush it.

Major highlights include:

  • A new snazzy camera!  You can now rotate freely around with the RMB and zoom using the scrollwheel.  (r-stick on controller).  Most events and cutscenes will also let you rotate around so you can totally be creepy and get in people’s faces.  The battle camera also got an overhaul with new positions and a new totally cheesy transition straight out of the 90s.
  • The first ‘tutorial’ zone has also been completely retooled, making it a lot more linear, straightforward, prettier, and if you’re not great at the whole battling thing, no worries – a friendly face will come along and make sure you at least save the cat at the end of the day.  You’re on your own after that.
  • Equipped weapons now display on your back – never forget if it’s a sword or stick you have equipped.
  • New loading screens with rotating helpful hint text at the bottom. Reticulating splines not included.
  • New snazzy boss battle music.
  • More basic enemies roaming around, including some mini-bosses.
  • New subzones to explore and visit – the Kingsbridge guards actually leave to go after the princess, rather than just talk about it forever.
  • A new battle hud with some graphics and iconography.  Goodbye white text.
  • In an effort to visually impart more information, outside of a floating UI/HUD graphic, everyone comes pre-equipped with their own IV stand and wheelchair now. When at 50% health, both will pop up ready to support your ailing self. When you see this happen – this is your cue to maybe heal yourself. This is your only warning.
  • New animations to support the above and some more idle variations.
  • And lots of bug fixes.  Per usual.

Warning:  Danger Not to Scale

The D&D 5e campaign is now available for purchase through The GameCrafter.  It comes printed out on some seriously nice, heavy-weight paper, and a PDF version is available for free download immediately upon purchase.

Once I finish cleaning up the PDF version a bit more to meet the DTRPG’s templates, it’ll also be available for digital-only purchase on Drive-Thru RPG. Quite possibly next week after Dragon*Con.

Also on a random note, earlier this year theGameCrafter used some pictures form Farmnation to demo its products, so that was kinda cool. 🙂


Hey look, Farmnation shards!


There’s some good news concerning Gateway that I can’t talk about yet, outside of this vague mentioning, but yeah, something exciting involving the board game will be unveiled hopefully in the near future. We’re all pretty stoked about it, and think you will be too. That’s about all I can legally vaguebook at this stage.

Dragon*Con 2015

I won’t be speaking this year (way too much going on) but I’ll still be heading down this year for the festivities, with baby Thunderdome in tow.  Hopefully she will enjoy the convention and not freak out at the attendance. Later she can be sufficiently annoyed that she’s going as Jubilee.

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