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Grab your lab coat, coffee, and clip board – 25 unsuspecting patients are waiting for you to cure them of their aches and ills…or kill them trying.

In Malpractice, you take on the role of an unscrupulous, uncaring, or perhaps just incompetent doctor in the world’s worst hospital. Collect additional degrees from the Quack Institute to augment your powers of inefficiency, bribe the nurses to hinder your fellow doctors’ efforts, and sell your research papers to the highest bidder. After all patients have been cured, killed, or otherwise discharged in whatever way, the doctor with the most money wins.

Players navigate the hospital board and attempt to cure patients suffering from various ills (sprained ankles, botched plastic surgery, a lobotomy) by rolling multiple dice and playing buff cards. Others players can always attempt to hinder by playing their own debuff cards, activating their unique degree powers, or by just flat out killing the patient.


Game Includes:

  • 1 Snazzy Folding Game Board
  • 1 Rule Booklet to Ignore
  • 10 Degrees
  • 21 Research & Thesis Cards
  • 25 Unsuspecting Patients
  • 66 Syringe Cards
  • 5 Colorful Dice that Hate you
  • 10 Failure Tokens 
  • All the Monies
  • 5 Doctor Player Tokens

Malpractice is For:

  • Ages 12 and Up
  • 3 to 5 Players
  • People with 30 to 60 minutes to kill

Malpractice is Not For:

  • Ethical People
  • Young Kids who actually want to be Doctors
  • Trypanophobics
  • People who are Doctors


Download a copy of the rules here.

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