Where did the summer go?

Whew, been super busy this whole summer and I realize I haven’t had a chance to update this in quite a while. I suck – got caught up in some random stuff and preparing for Dragon*Con (still preparing actually) and working on a new digital game, probably for PC and OUYA at this point.  It’s still in the initial design phase but I think it’s shaping up well.

Upcoming Games

So I’ve gotten back quite a few proof copies now of some new games, and a couple are pretty much ready to go.  Melusine looks fantastic, and I just need to sit down with the hubby’s fancy camera and actually take some decent shots of it.  I am a horrible photographer, but at least this thing helps some.  Farmnation Mini is also good to go as is, just need to take those pictures.

Fuzzy Go looks and feels for the most part great, except it’s all about 30% too dark and saturated.  An easy enough change, just gotta budget some time for it.

Malpractice by far needs the most amount of work, mostly in a couple of last minute rules updates.  Playing through the proof copy a few last times made me hate some of the more random aspects of it a lot, so those’ll need to change – mostly in the layout of the patients across the hospital.  Combine that with a small update to the movement rules and it’s probably about a day’s worth of art and rules book updates.

Upcoming Conventions and Conferences

As mentioned previously, I will be going to Dragon*Con this year, but probably just for fun. It looks like I’ll be on the Girls in Gaming panel and one of the Breaking into the Industry panels, but it’s still a little up in the air (and I’m not in the program. Super Stealth!).  Regardless, the DH and I shall be reprising 2 older costumes (probably Rogue/Gambit…maybe Tristan/Yvainne) and debuting 2 new ones – Mei/N from Pokemon Black/White 2 and Rapunzel and Flynn.  There are plans to make the wig glow…just waiting on the display driver to get in.

In October, I’ll definitely be going to SIEGE down in Atlanta (as usual) from the 4th – 7th.  Exact details aren’t nailed down yet, but there’s still a couple o’ months to go.  But I do have some session ideas I’ve been kicking around for a while that I was never able to do while working for Zynga, so now might be the time to pull them out and polish them up.

But new this year I’ll also be heading down to Dallas from Oct. 17 – 19th for the Big (D)esign Conference.   There I will be giving a talk titled “Grumpy Cat’s Guide to Game Design”.  Yes.  That’s going to happen, and it will be glorious.

New Stuff

I’ve also started work on a new card game, called “Battle of the Bands”.  Pretty much got the design nailed down now (been wrestling with a few card drafting issues here for literally months) and now it’s off to try and find some art for the cards.  I figure I’ll end up doing a lot of it myself, but I would like to get some actual illustrator people to do some.

And just for fun..

Here’s two freaking awesome pictures I received of Farmnation being played across the world in the Swiss Alps and in France.  Cause holy crap! 🙂

In The Alps





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