SNSSRPG Demo Available

After what seems like basically forever, Demo 1.0 of the Super Not So Secret Working Title RPG is now available for download (for Windows peeps only). The download’s about 100mb, and it’ll need roughly 350mb of space to install.  There’s still a crapton of optimization to do, and well, I haven’t prioritized it yet.

Click the Download Button below to grab the latest.  The included Readme file goes over the controls and installation process, but it’s pretty straightforward.  Unpack, run file, go.



The demo covers the first 1 – 2 hours of play time (depending on how much time your futz around or get stuck on tables like one unlucky friend) and covers:

  • The basics of the combat system. More advanced jobs/tactics/crafting not available in this version.
  • The first three major areas and accompanying subzones
  • Introduction of the main quest and first three characters
  • A couple of side quests that can be completed in the area (note: Return to Sender and the Destination Travels one require completion steps outside of the locked demo areas)
  • Some annoying treasure chests to find.

You can also leave feedback or report any bugs you find here as well.  I’m sure there are bugs.  While some local dev friends bravely tested for show stoppers and major annoyances, you might be lucky and find something amazing.  And by amazing I mean awful. Let me know.  Like, seriously.

Feedback of any kind is also welcome and appreciated.  Something you totally hated?  Something you loved and wanted to see more of?  Something not make sense or is poorly explained? Pacing totally whacked out? Want to share your favorite cookie recipe? Now’s your chance.

Bug Rage Leave Feedback

Some of the areas to explore and things to do include:

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