Farmnation Mini

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Now you can own the game featured in Brenda Romero and Ian Schreiber’s book “Challenges for Game Designers“, in a smaller miniaturized version!

farm_miniFormally known as “Agribusiness”, Farmnation places the player in the role of a farmer setting up a new homestead trying to and make it rich. You’ll need to outsmart your opponents in crop production, land placement, and competitive plague management, to become the top farmer in the region.

Using simple matching and placement mechanics, players plant and harvest crops to earn cash, while simultaneously playing evil bunny and bug tiles on their opponents’ farms to slow them down. As players dynamically build out their farm each game from a collection of 210 possible tiles, no two play-throughs will be the same!

Perfect for your next board game party or family game night. Farmnation is simple enough for kids to learn, yet provides depth and strategic choices for adults to master.

  • Playtime: 45 – 60 Minutes
  • 3 – 6 Players
  • Ages 8 and up

~210 Field Tiles
~20 Equipment Cards
~Tile Bag

Excerpt from “Challenges For Game Designers”:

“Agribusiness [Farmnation] presents the player with numerous choices. Where will the player place the next crop tile? If it’s a cheap crop, does he want to use his valuable land or place it on his opponent’s? Does he want to uproot a cheap crop to place a more valuable crop instead?” – Brenda Romero



Download a copy of the  Rulebook here.

Download a copy of possible Rules Variations here.


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