Podcast is Live, UMBC tonight, and still waiting by the mailbox.

The Creative Mojo podcast from the other week is now archived up on toginet – it’s can be found here for any who are interested. Larry’s segment was totally awesome, and definitely worth a listen.

I’m also heading back down to UMBC tonight for the final presentations of the games the seniors have been working on.  It’s usually pretty awesome, and a lot of people from the industry show up to support them – nice bit of closure and congratulations on a semester long project.


Still waiting for the Farmnation round 2 prototype to come in, should be any day now.  The price I’d have to charge for it still has me a little queasy, even after cutting it down a bit.  I think what I may do is offer that as a deluxe version, and then make a cheaper version using cards.  Unfortunately the square cards are flat out too expensive, so it looks like it’ll be on regular rectangular cards.  Hrm.  Maybe the micro or mini cards wouldn’t be so bad.  The upside of that is then I’d get to use the super cute pro box again.  So yay?

Working on a couple of other prototypes right now, the pet store and archaeology one (the plane one can bite me), and I’m going to start working on the thesis game, Melusine, and getting it ready for print.  That one will certainly be on the pricier side of things, but it’s friggin’ huge.  I’m hoping with some resizing and scaling of a few things I can cut it down a bit to fit in the box.  Like…literally fit in the box.

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