As promised, links.

As promised this weekend at UMBC DEC, here’s the power point presentation and a compilation of the links I brought up as good potential resources.  Grouped together in no particular order:

Prototyping Resources:

  • The Game Crafter – various prototype parts and custom printer/publisher
  • Hasbro – if any ever Hasbro game has a part or piece, you can buy it.
  • Chessex – dice of all kinds, including custom
  • Woodworks Ltd – fabulous  wooden tiles and tokens
  • Dundjinni – make awesome maps, even without art skills
  • PlainCards – quick print-your-own cards
  • Em4 Miniatures – lots of nice pieces, especially for more “European” style games

Print-On-Demand Services and Online Retailers:

  • The Game Crafter – buy in bulk at wholesale prices, or sell on their own online storefront.
  • Drive Thru Cards – part of OneBookShelf, they offer really nice quality card products.
  • Drive Thru RPG – also part of OneBookShelf, these guys instead offer RPG-related eBooks on their storefront.

Retail Resources:

Board Game Reviewers:

Each has their own selection and mailing criteria for the games, so contact them individually.

  • Father Geek
  • All Us Geeks
  • The Gamer’s Table
  • Pizza Games & Zombies
  • The Dice Tower
  • Board Game Geek (for listings)

Or you can download the full presentation (.pps) deck here. (zipped)

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