Prototype Work and Stocking Woes

I’ve been working on some new prototypes this week, mostly trying to get the old “Fuzzy Go” up to production levels (art and graphic design takes me a looooooong time).  So I finally finish all the game files, upload them, proof the digital copies, and set up the store front this morning.  As I go to purchase a printed proof copy – BAM, insta-failure:




Curse you Blue Gems!  I need four –  there are THREE in stock.  *shakes fist*.  Anywho, guess I’ll wait on ordering that until they’re back in stock.  I suppose I could change out the color just for this copy…maybe I will next week if it looks like the shipment is slow.

You can check out the stub game page here.  Got the basic box artwork uploaded plus a screengrab from one of the rules pages.


Next up on clean-up duty is the old Malpractice game, and in the meantime I’ve also started work on something I’m calling “Air Express” for now.  It’s got planes.  Planes are cool.*



*But not as cool as fezzes. 


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