Observe Kris run like a Gorilla through Kingsbridge

Alright, while I finish up the last little bit of work on the demo, here are some quick videos of the PC, Kris, running around his home city of Kingsbridge.  I *am* working on getting a different animation for the run.  The lumbering, while amusing, just isn’t really the best.

These are a little out of date (I took these in June and forgot to post them…  I blame pregnancy brain.) since they’re missing sound, some text updates, and all the random NPCs walking around the city, but the basic idea is there.  I’m just excited the day/night swapping code is still working.

Also the main RPG page has been updated with a dynamic list of any updates that get added to the site about the RPG in general.  I figured that’d be easiest rather than putting up the same info in multiple places.  Seriously, it for user-friendliness and not laziness. I swear.


Your Apartment, the wonderful studio you can barely afford to rent located in the heart of the lower district.  See those cliffs? Thats where the rich people live.  People not like you.


The Wyndameer, local dive bar where no one knows your name.   At least their drink specials are good.


All adventures need to buy flour from time to time.  You never know when you’ll need to make a pretty cake.


Guards being annoying in the Merchant Quarter of Kingsbridge.  You didn’t really need to make it to the bank today.


Doing some Quests for money, or at least, the potential for money.


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