Knit2Go Cards are live!

As of 8:45 this morning, Knit2Go Cards are now available for purchase directly from TheGameCrafter.  Soon I’ll have some in stock to sell from Etsy and take around to local vendors as well – that order’s still coming in.

All in all the entire process has been rather pleasant, although I do say that without having started the major marketing campaign yet.  That should interesting at the very least.


In other news, the DH and I tinkered with Air Express a bit this weekend (planes!) and it’s currently going through some major redirects and revisions.  I like the core mechanic of shuttling people and goods around on your little plane mats, and the resource management that comes along with it, but it’s still lacking a layer of player interaction which makes me grumble.  We came up with a couple of ideas that I’ll play around with this week.

In the meantime, I got so fed up with it I came up with frameworks for two exploration/tile/discovery/insert-buzz-word-here games eating lunch and procrastinating.  Wouldn’t be surprised if one of those got finished first. :c





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