I forgot how much I love Corel Painter

Seriously, what a delightful little program.  I’ve never upgraded from the old Painter IX software, and I kinda doubt I ever will.

It’s taken a couple of weeks, but I’ve finally finished converting the old thesis game Melusine into something I could print on GameCrafter, and for a good deal cheaper than it cost me to make it in the first place.  The original game used a big wooden box, canvas-printed map, 14 pewter miniatures I painted for several days, and hundreds upon hundreds of cards and wooden tokens.  It clocked in at a whopping $250 to make, but hey, MFA thesis.  Needless to say, none of that was doable now.

A lot of the pieces were easy transfers (like the circular wooden tokens to shards) or required no effort at all (most of the cards were already bridge sized), but I had to redesign anything that was a custom physical piece- like all the player and NPC minis.  I thought about using some plastic minis, but none of them really fit the roles that well – so for the first time in literally years I busted out the old Wacom and painter software and got to drawing up paper pieces for them.  Some turned out better than others (I’m a little rusty…) but I really did forget how fun Painter was to use.  Best approximation of pushing around actual paint I’ve ever encountered in software.

After switching every thing over, the new Melusine clocks in at a rather reduced price point.    Looks like the retail price will be right at $69.99 – so, the same thing as Agricola or some of the larger RPG-style board games.  And since this is a large RPG-style board game, I guess that’s all ok.  Sure beats $250…wish this stuff was around back when I was actually doing my MFA.

So now I just need to wrap up the TGC storefront, actually make a page for it on this site (I’ve been slackin’…) and order a proof.  Wonder how long that thing’ll take to manufacture.


I’ve also officially had it with the parts pieces for Fuzzy Go. This morning I trashed most of them and just went with printed tokens.  It raised the price by about $5, but I figure that’s a better alternative to never having the stupid pieces in stock to actually order the game in the first place.

Now I can FINALLY order a proof of that one too.  Oof.  Hello wallet.  How have you been this week?

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