Gateway: Uprising

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Latest Updates

GenCon Pics by ArtemicGames - 08-15-2016
News! So all the big vague news about Gateway is finally out and talk-able.  Wootz.  While that whole past Kickstarter attempt was a big ol' failure, it did in the end give us a lead on a few more traditional publishing options, which eventually...

Surprise Visit To right now. by ArtemicGames - 05-03-2016
Hello Atlanta! So this kind of came out of nowhere. If you're in the Atlanta area, stop by the Cool Mini or Not Expo down at the Hyatt  - Sean Andrew Murray and I will be there hanging out all weekend at a table at a yet undisclosed location....

Gateway Gameplay Update #1 : Districts! by ArtemicGames - 04-26-2015
The City of Gateway is segmented into various themed districts, each with its own culture, population, and history.  In the game, we started by identifying some of the more colorful districts and then wondering, “what unique advantage could this d...

Gateway:Uprising is live on Kickstarter! by ArtemicGames - 04-25-2015
Hey everyone! The Gateway: Uprising Kickstarter is now up and live!  We'd really appreciate it if you'd check out the campaign website and tell your friends about it too.  The more people we reach the better the game'll be. Campaign Video I still...

A Gateway Just Around the Corner by ArtemicGames - 04-24-2015
We're staring to wrap up the final stages of the Gateway: Uprising board game (formally Gateway:Inquisition...then you know there was that little DAI game and all) and getting it ready for the Kickstarter launch. Sean's been working like mad on th...


Quick and Dirty Intro

space layout wipGateway is a card-drafting, army-stomping, area-control board game that combines the replayability of Dominion, fightin’ action of Risk, and the monster-rampaging world of Arkham Horror.  During your turn you’ll deploy your resources into your army, purchase new soldiers to pad your ranks, then try and take back sections of the Gateway city from either the rampaging Drueggar Horde or the tight-fisted control of Chancellor Gideon and his Inquisitors.

While magic has been officially outlawed in the city of Gateway, many wizards and magical folk still practice the arts in the underground and dark passages of the city.  Befriending these people will allow you to draft their powers into your fledgling rebel army, and with any luck, keep some city districts safe from harm.

Unique Runestones, specially crafted spells, allow your army to unleash devastating magic in your favor.  However, these stones are rare and expensive, and once used, are drained of their power forever.

Can you free the city from the Chancellor’s Iron grip? Will you run against the forces of like-minded revolutionaries or fight along side them?  Or will Gateway be destroyed by the rampaging magical constructs threatening to tear apart its very foundations?

Gameplay Intro

Gateway is currently designed for 2 – 4 players, although we’re currently looking at a way to also make it playable for the solo rebellion.  Play takes place over rounds, wherein each player gets a chance to take back districts of the city from whomever currently controls it.  Controlling a city district will reference frontunlock unique powers for the player who holds it or convey Victory Points (which, as expected, are needed to win).  At the end of every round an Event Card is drawn – City Guards could re-enter specific districts to try and take it back from you, or ginormous nasty monster things can spawn inside the city walls which destroy everything in their path.

While players start with similar decks at the beginning of the game, every turn they have the opportunity to draft new soldiers, wizards, and merchants into their deck – fortifying their army strength and giving them more opportunities to either best the other player opponents or tackle the guards and horde on the board.   Depending on the number of players, a different amount of City Cards (soldiers, wizards, merchants, etc) are available for purchase, however, always in a limited quantity.  It’s not uncommon for certain soldier types to become depleted early in the game, often requiring quick rethinking and restructuring of your Army deck on the fly.

Battles between invading and defending armies are quick to declare and resolve, with players managing a very, very small amount of numbers…usually only one each.  For each Guard or Horde monster defeated, Victory Points are earned. When a player gains control of a district, and manages to hold it until their next turn, they can use its unique power to their advantage (such as bonuses to Army defense or the ability to draft free cards).

When either the Event Deck runs its course or the Drueggar Horde controls the entire city the game ends.

The Game Components

We’ve been playtesting and iterating on Gateway for nearly a year now, and have started getting the art together for the final print run.  All the art shown here is from the current prototype and is subject to change (as I did all the layout and it makes Sean’s eyes bleed.  Don’t worry, he’s doing the actual layout and card design for the real printing).