Playtesters Needed!

Playtestin’ So we’ve been plugging away at the new Gateway: Inquisition board game for a good number of months and we’re at a stage now where we’d like to open it up to some playtesters for some additional feedback.  We’ve mostly been playing it around here with people we know but we’d … Continue reading

Observe Kris run like a Gorilla through Kingsbridge

Alright, while I finish up the last little bit of work on the demo, here are some quick videos of the PC, Kris, running around his home city of Kingsbridge.  I *am* working on getting a different animation for the run.  The lumbering, while amusing, just isn’t really the best. These … Continue reading

Video Games United, Kickstarters, and the Absolute Joys of Hip Dysplasia

Holy Bejeebus balls I haven’t posted in a long time.  So, while I was going to post some RPG progress updates, I think instead I have other things to take care of first. Video Games United First up, Video Games United is down in DC this weekend…as in, like 2 … Continue reading

Slides and More

SIEGE was delightful as ever, and it was totally great to see everyone again.  And the SIEGE staff did a fantastic job, as always – you guys rock.   So, I’m back now after an eventful plane trip and updating all the stuffs that I promised I’d update. (Seriously, if you’re … Continue reading

Upcoming Speakage

I’ll be returning to UMBC on April 27th to speak again at DEC (the UMBC Digital Entertainment Conference) at 3:00pm.  Here’s not-so-much a teaser as just the title image of the slidedeck. If it’s anything like previous years, I’ll be hopped on a metric ton of caffeine and rambling at … Continue reading

And We’re Almost Live

I haven’t touched a WordPress site, or really any major website retooling,  in quite some time and I think it shows. 🙂  Eventually there will be pages for every game product, prototype updates, and speaking schedule updates, and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time. I’ll try … Continue reading