New Year, New Progress

Oof, it’s been a while.  Things have been crazy over here, from game consulting picking up to more musical things like substitute organ-playing/choir directing.  All of which have been some massive time sinks.  Nothing however was as great as the timesink of finding out a framework I was using came … Continue reading

RPG Progress – I am not an artist, but hey, stuff works!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the basic data and systems working in Unity…been working on it on and off in between other projects over the past 2 months. So, I’m pretty happy with myself for getting a lot of it up and functioning, just don’t judge … Continue reading

Where to Start

I knew right away I wanted to make an RPG. A classic, JRPG-esque homage inspired by the products of the 90s. I’ve got a couple of proto-games floating around in various stages of documentation and prototyping, some of which are RPGs, some simulations, and then a few other various cross-genred … Continue reading