Slides and More

SIEGE was delightful as ever, and it was totally great to see everyone again.  And the SIEGE staff did a fantastic job, as always – you guys rock.   So, I’m back now after an eventful plane trip and updating all the stuffs that I promised I’d update. (Seriously, if you’re … Continue reading

Back to the grindstone

Back in town now, and Dragon*Con was an absolute blast! It also looks like there’s a good chance I will be returning next year :), and I was also invited to join a costuming group, so yay!.  I’ve also just signed onto a new consulting gig ( more yay!) and … Continue reading

Where did the summer go?

Whew, been super busy this whole summer and I realize I haven’t had a chance to update this in quite a while. I suck – got caught up in some random stuff and preparing for Dragon*Con (still preparing actually) and working on a new digital game, probably for PC and … Continue reading

I forgot how much I love Corel Painter

Seriously, what a delightful little program.  I’ve never upgraded from the old Painter IX software, and I kinda doubt I ever will. It’s taken a couple of weeks, but I’ve finally finished converting the old thesis game Melusine into something I could print on GameCrafter, and for a good deal … Continue reading

Podcast is Live, UMBC tonight, and still waiting by the mailbox.

The Creative Mojo podcast from the other week is now archived up on toginet – it’s can be found here for any who are interested. Larry’s segment was totally awesome, and definitely worth a listen. I’m also heading back down to UMBC tonight for the final presentations of the games … Continue reading

Mortgage and Farmnation Prototype Review

I finally have some time to really review the prototype printings I got for both “Mortgage” and “Farmnation”, former of which turned out a hellovalot better.  I’ll start there.  Warning, picture heavy. Mortgage Cannot say enough nice things about the printing and quality of the Game Crafter products – this … Continue reading

As promised, links.

As promised this weekend at UMBC DEC, here’s the power point presentation and a compilation of the links I brought up as good potential resources.  Grouped together in no particular order: Prototyping Resources: The Game Crafter – various prototype parts and custom printer/publisher Hasbro – if any ever Hasbro game has a … Continue reading

Knit2Go Cards are live!

As of 8:45 this morning, Knit2Go Cards are now available for purchase directly from TheGameCrafter.  Soon I’ll have some in stock to sell from Etsy and take around to local vendors as well – that order’s still coming in. All in all the entire process has been rather pleasant, although … Continue reading

Knit2Go Card Proofs Are In!

The proofs arrived in the mail yesterday and they totally look and feel awesome.  Nice weight and texture on the individual cards.  The colors are a smidge more saturated than I thought they’d be, but that’s easily fixed.  Got a few punctuation errors to address, but that’ll be done in … Continue reading

Prototype Work and Stocking Woes

I’ve been working on some new prototypes this week, mostly trying to get the old “Fuzzy Go” up to production levels (art and graphic design takes me a looooooong time).  So I finally finish all the game files, upload them, proof the digital copies, and set up the store front … Continue reading