December Updates…and some of November as well

It’s December!  It’s Almost Over! With November came the slightly early arrival of Baby Thunderdome, who will be turning one month old later this week.  Already. Holy crap.  And while progress on basically everything except laundry has indeed been slowed, it has not come to a complete halt like all … Continue reading

Mid-October Updates

  While there’s not a ton of visual progress this month so far, I’ve been working away at the mindnumbing task of entering all the data for all the character jobs and all of the skills.  I can happily say that indeed, all the jobs are actually done, in, and … Continue reading

How to Go About Killin’ Stuff

  I totally promised at some point that I would start updating more about what I was doing and not just flinging up some random screen grabs and videos.  As the tedium of mandated rest continuous,  I think I’ll do just that.  ——————————— The Basics When I started futzing around with … Continue reading

SNSSRPG Demo Available

After what seems like basically forever, Demo 1.0 of the Super Not So Secret Working Title RPG is now available for download (for Windows peeps only). The download’s about 100mb, and it’ll need roughly 350mb of space to install.  There’s still a crapton of optimization to do, and well, I … Continue reading

Playtesters Needed!

Playtestin’ So we’ve been plugging away at the new Gateway: Inquisition board game for a good number of months and we’re at a stage now where we’d like to open it up to some playtesters for some additional feedback.  We’ve mostly been playing it around here with people we know but we’d … Continue reading

Observe Kris run like a Gorilla through Kingsbridge

Alright, while I finish up the last little bit of work on the demo, here are some quick videos of the PC, Kris, running around his home city of Kingsbridge.  I *am* working on getting a different animation for the run.  The lumbering, while amusing, just isn’t really the best. These … Continue reading

Video Games United, Kickstarters, and the Absolute Joys of Hip Dysplasia

Holy Bejeebus balls I haven’t posted in a long time.  So, while I was going to post some RPG progress updates, I think instead I have other things to take care of first. Video Games United First up, Video Games United is down in DC this weekend…as in, like 2 … Continue reading

On Using Outsourced Assets, “Cheating”, and the Proverbial ’80s Garage

    As I’ve been trucking away on the first three zones of the rpg, I had up to recently been building pretty much everything myself – models, textures, scripts, music, all the little pieces of stuff that have to get done.  Mostly because I’m cheap and don’t have a … Continue reading

Texturing Sewers is Gross

Just what it says. I’m definitely out of practice doing art stuff in general, but there’s just something wholly unappealing about drawing indeterminate sludgy masses on walls.  I will now never again type the phrase “Sludgy Masses” again in my life. What has been a godsend tho’ is Maya LT. … Continue reading

New Year, New Progress

Oof, it’s been a while.  Things have been crazy over here, from game consulting picking up to more musical things like substitute organ-playing/choir directing.  All of which have been some massive time sinks.  Nothing however was as great as the timesink of finding out a framework I was using came … Continue reading