SIEGE time!

This weekend coming up I’ll be speaking at SIEGE down in Atlanta, GA. Woot and fun times, as usual.  Here’s the schedule so far: Saturday: 10:00 AM:  The System Design of Tabletop Games While most aspects of systems design flow seamlessly between both the digital and non-digital realms, designing rulesets, … Continue reading

Back to the grindstone

Back in town now, and Dragon*Con was an absolute blast! It also looks like there’s a good chance I will be returning next year :), and I was also invited to join a costuming group, so yay!.  I’ve also just signed onto a new consulting gig ( more yay!) and … Continue reading

Where did the summer go?

Whew, been super busy this whole summer and I realize I haven’t had a chance to update this in quite a while. I suck – got caught up in some random stuff and preparing for Dragon*Con (still preparing actually) and working on a new digital game, probably for PC and … Continue reading

Podcast is Live, UMBC tonight, and still waiting by the mailbox.

The Creative Mojo podcast from the other week is now archived up on toginet – it’s can be found here for any who are interested. Larry’s segment was totally awesome, and definitely worth a listen. I’m also heading back down to UMBC tonight for the final presentations of the games … Continue reading

Creative Mojo Podcast

Today starting at around 3:10ish I’ll be speaking on the Creative Mojo Podcast about Knit2Go Cards.  Squee! I also had no idea who the other guests were going to be, but being followed by Larry Kirwan is completely insane!  I LOVE Black 47, and listened to them all throughout high … Continue reading

As promised, links.

As promised this weekend at UMBC DEC, here’s the power point presentation and a compilation of the links I brought up as good potential resources.  Grouped together in no particular order: Prototyping Resources: The Game Crafter – various prototype parts and custom printer/publisher Hasbro – if any ever Hasbro game has a … Continue reading

Upcoming Speakage

I’ll be returning to UMBC on April 27th to speak again at DEC (the UMBC Digital Entertainment Conference) at 3:00pm.  Here’s not-so-much a teaser as just the title image of the slidedeck. If it’s anything like previous years, I’ll be hopped on a metric ton of caffeine and rambling at … Continue reading