Texturing Sewers is Gross

Just what it says. I’m definitely out of practice doing art stuff in general, but there’s just something wholly unappealing about drawing indeterminate sludgy masses on walls.  I will now never again type the phrase “Sludgy Masses” again in my life. What has been a godsend tho’ is Maya LT. … Continue reading

New Year, New Progress

Oof, it’s been a while.  Things have been crazy over here, from game consulting picking up to more musical things like substitute organ-playing/choir directing.  All of which have been some massive time sinks.  Nothing however was as great as the timesink of finding out a framework I was using came … Continue reading

RPG Progress – I am not an artist, but hey, stuff works!

So I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the basic data and systems working in Unity…been working on it on and off in between other projects over the past 2 months. So, I’m pretty happy with myself for getting a lot of it up and functioning, just don’t judge … Continue reading

Where to Start

I knew right away I wanted to make an RPG. A classic, JRPG-esque homage inspired by the products of the 90s. I’ve got a couple of proto-games floating around in various stages of documentation and prototyping, some of which are RPGs, some simulations, and then a few other various cross-genred … Continue reading

Lessons and Fun from Big Design

Whew, what a weekend.  I think I am karmatically screwed when it comes to air travel – nothing ever seems to go smoothly. First time I’ve ever heard an airline say they found a mechanical problem, but that they decided to ‘defer it’, then immediately back track and say oh … Continue reading

Big Design Conference and Sylveon, destroyer of worlds

Big Design Conference This Friday and Saturday I’ll be down in Dallas for Big Design (http://bigdesignevents.com/conference/). I haven’t attended or spoken at this conference before so it should interesting. The Grumpy Cat talk is also making another appearance here, so if you missed it in Atlanta and find yourself in … Continue reading

Slides and More

SIEGE was delightful as ever, and it was totally great to see everyone again.  And the SIEGE staff did a fantastic job, as always – you guys rock.   So, I’m back now after an eventful plane trip and updating all the stuffs that I promised I’d update. (Seriously, if you’re … Continue reading

SIEGE time!

This weekend coming up I’ll be speaking at SIEGE down in Atlanta, GA. Woot and fun times, as usual.  Here’s the schedule so far: Saturday: 10:00 AM:  The System Design of Tabletop Games While most aspects of systems design flow seamlessly between both the digital and non-digital realms, designing rulesets, … Continue reading

Wow, Thanks!

I was doing some upkeep this morning and I ran across this on the Knit2Go Cards page at TGC. So yeah, super surprised.  Thanks everyone!  I’ll be doing a bigger update next Monday about SIEGE and Big (D)esign, and hopefully some more about the Band prototype. Continue reading

Back to the grindstone

Back in town now, and Dragon*Con was an absolute blast! It also looks like there’s a good chance I will be returning next year :), and I was also invited to join a costuming group, so yay!.  I’ve also just signed onto a new consulting gig ( more yay!) and … Continue reading